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#SG50 Special : TOP 10 MediaCorp Vasantham's Tamil Shows

SINGAPORE celebrating it's 50th Birthday!! Lungitaiment had decided to rank top 10 Singapore Tamil Language Program  that on air or had been broadcast in Singapore's MediaCorp Vasantham Channel. Below are the rank :

NO 10 : Neeya

A Drama that focus on jealousy and Friendship 

No 9 : Janani D/O Madhavan

A ten-year-old tween finds herself alone with her befuddled widowed father who is trying to cope with raising her all by himself

NO 8 :  Kaaviya

A tale that binds four different souls with an inextricable bond
NO 7 : Nasi Briyani 

Nasi Briyani is a light-hearted drama set in the ‘Golden Era’ - yesteryears where goodwill, neighbourliness and harmonious living were part-and-parcel of every Singaporean’s daily life. In Nasi Briyani, neighbours trust each other and look out for each other. Romance, deceit, sports, passion and a whodunit – Nasi Briyani is set to rekindle your memories on Singapore in the past.

NO 6 :  Kshatriyan

currently on air

N0 5  : Jeichikaatu $10,000
A refreshing game show that will bring together family and friends from various backgrounds in a battle of wits. Charming,Winning smile Host Hayma Malini will push competitors to their limits with three different rounds of competition

No 4 :Annamalai 
Annamalai is a drama based on the lives of two men stretching over three generations.

No 3 : Vetri 
Vetri Vel, a motivational speaker becomes a Coach who inspires and makes the students realize their potential. Most importantly he teaches them good values and morals turning average students into good, well-mannered responsible human beings

NO 2 : Vasantham Star 

Vasantham Star the search for new Stars. Vasantham Star had managed to find new talents in Singapore like Eswari Gunasagar.

NO 1 : Vettai 


Highest rating drama in Singapore that had go to until 3rd season Long form crime drama on Vasantham

Happy Birthday Singapore !!! #SG50

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