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Interview with model Nisha Kumar

A Miss Malaysia finalist, Nisha Kumar is a 24 year-old professional model with big hopes and aspirations in the fashion industry. The physiotherapy graduate student has been gradually making a name for herself in the competitive modelling world for some years now through her determination and distinctive looks. It’s not everyday we came across a professional model, so we asked Nisha to tell us more about her career and share some advice for those who want to make modelling as their career.

Q: Briefly introduce yourself to us.
I am a professional model and prior to this, I have been a finalist for 4 pageants, eventually winning one of it. I am a graduate in physiotherapy, although at the moment, I am not practicing it. What else? I am also a trained Odissi dancer and violinist. I am the eldest of three siblings, I was born and raised in the Royal Town of Klang.

Q: What were you doing before you ventured into modelling?
My dad is a businessman, and as the eldest, it was expected for me to assume the responsibility in taking over and succeeding the business. Initially, I was managing the accounts of the company before embarking my journey as a full-time model

Q: What was the first pageant did you participate and tell us your experience?
The first pageant I participated was Miss Malaysia Indian Global. I won the Miss Popular title in that pageant. Over the years, I have learnt that each pageant teaches different things in line with its objective, which also differs according to each pageant. On that note, my first pageant taught me a lot about being a strong personality and being unfazed when faced with many challenges which comes with being a pageant finalist. It is never easy to put yourself out there to be judged by the public and a panel of judges and still be very poised. My first pageant taught me that no matter what the outcome is, every girl is a beauty queen – if she chooses to believe so.

Q: What was the most difficult thing you faced when you first started modelling?
I first started off as a saree model, and modeling to me was an unplanned journey. Although I was never camera shy – being a photography model, I have learnt that modeling is an art of subtle expressions. I couldn’t agree more with the term “smize” founded by Tyra Banks. It is never as simple as being dolled up and just smiling, because you can’t wear a smile in all concepts or settings. When I first started modeling, grasping that subtlety was a struggle, but as with all things, practice and perseverance made it perfect.

Q: What are your biggest concerns being a professional model?
Definitely – watching my weight, and staying in shape is probably my only concern if any. This is because my image is what gets me job in this profession. However, it has been easier than I initially thought, because as long as you eat healthy and have a routine workout, then keeping fit isn’t really a problem.

Q: Tell us some challenges you face being a professional model.
Being a professional model, my biggest challenge was my height. I fall short for runway modeling requirements. But that has never deterred me from excelling in my chosen field of modeling as a photography model. It is also a very competitive industry, so, versatility and adaptability is key to keep being in it, Other challenges include being able to find a legitimate agent, when more and more girls aspiring to be models, agencies and agents have mushroomed everywhere overnight. Therefore, it is absolutely important to verify an agency or agent before joining or accepting jobs. Another problem is that auditions and castings can be at the eleventh hour and practically, anytime of the day. A model who wants to be successful should seek a job with flexible hours. Luckily for me, working with my dad gave me that flexibility.

Q: Describe to us your experience in Miss Universe Malaysia.
Being a part of the most prestigious pageant in the country was truly an one of a kind experience. It did revamp me in many aspects, my sense of style, the way I carry myself. Even the way I present myself to a room full of people has definitely changed. I have developed much through this pageant. It also changed my eating habits to a more healthier one. It was truly a learning experience on a very intrinsic level as well.

Q: What advice can you give to young girls who want to make modelling as their career?
My advice to all young aspiring models would be to always – start with the right agency. Make sure you have checked or check about them with any senior models. Or at least google about them, don’t be lured by big deals and hastily agree to ridiculous requests. Also remember, nude pictures, sexy pictures or lingerie pictures aren’t asked by agencies. They will only ask for a full body, half body and close up shots. Start with a good portfolio, if you have to pay for one, then do it. It is always important to start with a good photographer, especially if you are new and aren’t aware of your best angles or poses, think of it as an investment. Practice and learn your body and face right so as to know which poses and angles suit you best. Lastly do it with passion, because passionate dreams surpass all obstacles.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nisha Kumar to do this written interview with us! It has been great and we wish her all the best in her future undertakings. Also, for aspiring models, take heed of Nisha’s advice and tips! All the best!
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